Uniko is a specialised Outdoor Agency established in 2005 with an exclusive right to erect, maintain and sell advertising space at the NIS Petrol Stations.

After 2 years of its successful presence in the highly competitive market UNIKO has managed to establish and sustain an ongoing relationship with agencies and clients. Uniko panels have been acknowledged as one of the most effective form of an outdoor advertising media due to its presence regionally, central in town locations and by the highways.

Uniko panels are positioned on more than 60 carefully selected highly frequent locations in the bigger cities in Serbia, Vojvodina, embracing a transit zone.

Uniko with its specific already known visual identity complements the whole outlook of the NIS Petrol Stations because of it distinguished look, specific colour, attractive design and standardised formats of city lights, billboards and big boards.

Billboards are positioned on strategically important locations which allows for the maximum exposure and visibility of the advertising message. Uniko advertising panels are all illuminated even with the power cut there is a supply of energy. Maintenance of the advertising furniture is done regularly with an on call service available 24 hours a day.

UNIKO network enables complete coverage from Horgos to Presevo, South of Serbia.





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