Why advertise at the NIS Petrol Stations?

Communication with the wide audience.

Strategically positioned location at the most frequently visited petrol stations.

High percentage of exposure and visibility, memorising of advertising message, while in transit or using the services at the petrol stations.

Customer on average spends from 3 to 30 minutes at the petrol station.

Throughout the day on average 70 000 people and more, depending on the location of the panel are exposed and read the advertising messages at the UNIKO panels.

Strong identity effect (red colour frame, internal and external lighting)

Benefits of an Outdoor advertising media at the NIS Petrol Stations

Average daily message appearance: 24 hour per message

% of those noticing the billboard/city light: 90%

% of those reading the advertising message: 83%

% of those memorising the advertising message: 75%

Effectiveness:The most effective type of outdoor advertising at the NIS petrol stations





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